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It’s not just about the water, it isn’t just about paddling, it is ALL about paddling in unison.  
Paddling in unison in the boat will make or break a great team of paddlers. Simply by picking up a paddle and raising funds for worthy North Country organizations, you will be working in unison and you will be connected to the community, the sport of dragon boat racing, the many spectators who will be rooting for you from the water’s edge and your fellow paddlers in a very exciting yet unexpected way.  The best way to understand this connection is to be a part of it in some way, as a paddler, a volunteer or a spectator.
No matter how you participate, you are in for the ride of your life.
The Hong Kong style dragon boats that are used are 46-feet long, with 10 benches to seat 20 people or 5 benches to seat 10 people. A drum seat is arranged above the first two paddlers (seated beside each other) holds a drummer – your yelling-est, smallest, spirited and rhythmic soul should be slotted for the drummer’s seat!  View a seating plan here. A steersman is provided for you and will guide the boat with the steering oar in back. These people make up a dragon boat team. You will learn the stroke in practice.

  • Create a team of 21 to 24 members (24 members includes three alternates) for a 20-paddler boat. Create a team of 11-14 (14 members includes 3 alternates) for a 10-paddler boat.
    • Keep in mind that 8 of the paddlers in the 20-paddler boat and 3 of the paddlers in the 10-paddler boat must be women.
    • One team member is a drummer (the lightest, spritest, loudest and most rhythmic person you can find)
  • Select a team captain
  • Register your team, learn more here about registering your team
  • Select the positions for your team, check out the seating plan here
  • Educate yourself on dragon boating
    • Check out our “New To Dragon Boating?” page to watch videos garner tips on dragon boat racing.
    • Learn the lingo
    • Practice paddling: grab some paddles, arrange yourself like you would in the boat and get your drummer to guide you through a fast paced 3 minutes of “Air” dragon boating paddling .
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