Preparing you team

Team Land Practice
Did you know that you can practice the sport of dragon boating off the water? Getting your team in sync is the most important element of the race. Land practices take place when teams drill commands and strokes on land (either seated in chairs or standing.) These can be held in the backyard or the board room. The purpose of the land practice is to review the stroke series and get everyone in sync.

Team Poolside Practice
Some of our teams participate in “pool side paddling.” Pool side practices consist of teams who sit at the edge of a pool to practice technique and synchronization against the resistance of water. What does this look like? Check out this Youtube video .
The Basics:  How to Paddle
Paddling a dragon boat is different from rowing a canoe or paddling a kayak.  Check out this video, “How to paddle a dragon boat” or Benjamin’s Youtube video:  Paddling Technique. Always check with your healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program.
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